More than missing teeth

Replacing missing teeth is often only the beginning; in many cases, you are restoring the happiness and quality of life of your dental implant patients.
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Every step of the way

Our state-of-the-art products are market leading and at the same time, they are developed to be practical, intuitive, and satisfy dental professional needs.
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Why we do what we do

Because our vision of a world where everyone eats, speaks and smiles with confidence permeates and inspires everything we do.

Because we believe in an open-minded, passionate, and genuine approach to the products and services we provide.
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Introducing ASTRA TECH Implant System EV

The ASTRA TECH Implant System EV is the next step in the continuous evolution of the ASTRA TECH Implant System, developed to make the daily work easier without making any compromises to the clinical outcome.

Introducing DENTSPLY Implants magazine

We listened to you, our customers, and now it’s here - DENTSPLY Implants magazine. This new magazine has combined the best and most popular parts of iDENTity magazine and InSight magazine, and we hope that the magazine will be of use for, and of interest to your entire dental implant team. In the first issue of DENTSPLY Implants magazine, you will find out who we are and how we can add value to your business.

DENTSPLY Implants Warranty Program – We Have You Covered

DENTSPLY Implants introduces a comprehensive warranty program for our implant systems ANKYLOS®, ASTRA TECH Implant System™ , and for our digital open solutions ATLANTIS™ abutments and ATLANTIS ISUS™ implant suprastructures.
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Websites for patients

Websites for patients

Where your patients can learn more about dental implants:

Get in contact with your local DENTSPLY Implants office